Great pictures of your items for sale can increase your chances of selling your item to a potential buyer. Bright, curated pictures and videos will really show off the true beauty of each item, and users are naturally attracted towards items that have bright, in-focus images. Doing so will lead to higher interaction with potential buyers and will help you sell your item quicker. If you don’t know where to begin, we’ve outlined some tips on how to take great pictures and videos that will sell your item right away, below!

take a PICTURE

1. The most important step – but always the easily forgotten one – is make sure your camera lens is clean! This will ensure that you take in-focus pictures of your items. To do so, take a cloth, a tissue, or even the sleeve of your shirt, and rub your camera lens gently on the back of your phone. This will clear the lens easily and within seconds!

2. Take your pictures of your items during the natural daylight, if possible. Daylight at the middle of the day is the brightest, and early afternoon will give your items a nice glow. Even if you’re taking the pictures inside your home, put your items next to a window for optimal sunlight. If sunlight is not possible, try to have as much lighting as possible on your items for their close-ups. As a last resort, take pictures with the camera flash on.





3. Ensure your item is centered in the pictures. If you have other items in the picture, make sure that the buyer will understand which product is for sale by having it centered.







4. If you are listing a clothing item or accessory, try to take some pictures and/or a video of the clothing item on, so that potential buyers can see how the item looks on.








5. Style the item in your pictures. For example, if you are selling a pair of shoes, try putting them on a table with a scarf and some accessories around them to style the photo. But, always make sure the item you are selling is in the center and is the main focus.